Section J

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) contains energy efficiency provisions that apply to Class 2 to 9 BCA standard definition buildings. A compliance report (commonly known as a Section J or Part J Report) is required before construction commences for new buildings and for alterations and additions. This is usually included in the construction certificate documentation.

The most common methodology used for evaluating compliance is called Deemed-to-Satisfy (DTS). A DTS based Section J report ensures that the design meets the DTS provisions in the BCA.

Most designs are successfully assessed using the DTS method, however Verification Method JV3 is an alternative solution when increased flexibility is required and DTS fails.

The assessment must be performed by an experienced and qualified energy efficiency consultant to minimise the risk of any non complying issues.

Currently there is no standard and agreed upon format for compilation of a BCA Section J report in Australia and it is normally the preference and experience level of the energy efficiency consultant who writes the report which determines the format and structure of the final product.

We follow the core BCA Section J structure of the BCA Volume 1 and add several sections and sub sections to produce a professional BCA Section J Report for each building type.

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